Round birthday

Round birthday

"Happy Birthday to you, and a nice card to go with it." A milestone birthday is a very special event! In addition to the gift, the birthday wishes should not be missing. So that the birthday child remembers this day for many years to come, the right card helps to convey dear words, poems or funny sayings. It doesn't matter whether you're 20, 40 or 70, age doesn't matter! Discover high-quality birthday cards in our online shop, with which you can bring great joy to friends and family.

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Loving birthday greetings for every stage of life

A new decade of life is a big celebration. While a party is ending, balloons are popping and the cake is being plastered, a birthday card will last forever. At JoliCoon, we have specialized in high-quality cards that are not only beautiful, but also of particularly high quality. Whether for men or women, our birthday designs have been lovingly created by hand and provide visual highlights with beautiful details. Are you looking for someone with a sense of humor? Then our “Thank you for turning 30 before me” folding card is the perfect gift. The card sets beautiful accents in gold and offers enough space to design it yourself. Our 50 Happy Birthday to You folding card is simple and elegant. We carry the card for almost every milestone birthday and it is accompanied by an elegant envelope with a seal. You can also choose a suitable bottle label that will make a bottle of wine or sparkling wine a very special gift.

Climate-neutral and individual cards

Creating wonderful and unique cards for milestone birthdays and a variety of other occasions is our passion. Because loving greetings or funny sayings are valuable memories and bring great joy. Since the topic of environmental protection is also very important to us at JoliCoon, we leave no stone unturned in production and try to make our cards as sustainable as possible. All of our cards are completely carbon neutral. When printing, we use vegan organic printing inks, which are also completely palm oil and animal testing free. True to our motto, only the best quality is good enough for us. We carefully select the right paper for each card and many of our designs are hand drawn and hot foil stamped. We keep tinkering with an idea until nothing works anymore in terms of quality. So you can make your loved ones happy with a clear conscience.

frequently asked Questions

What is a milestone birthday?

A milestone birthday occurs every 10 years. Birthdays such as 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. are considered to be round. What defines a round birthday is the zeros at the end. A birthday with a 5 at the end such as 25, 25, 45 etc. is not considered a milestone birthday.

Why are milestone birthdays special?

In our lives, many lifetime achievements are automatically assigned to different decades. A round birthday marks the end or the beginning of a new decade, in which a new decade or a new phase of life begins. Therefore, for many people, a milestone birthday is an occasion to celebrate and to organize a big birthday party.

What is a nice birthday present for a milestone birthday?

The best gift for a milestone birthday depends entirely on the age, gender and character of the person in question. No matter which gift you choose, the right card should not be missing. Because with personal greetings or a funny saying, the birthday child will remember the day forever.