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Would you like to surprise special people in your life in a mindful way? Discover our unique cards, crafted with love to convey appreciation and mindfulness. Show your connection and let us share loving messages together. In our busy world, mindfulness cards offer a valuable opportunity to stop and be conscious of the moment. Our lovingly designed mindfulness cards invite you to find a moment of calm and mindfulness as you explore inspirational messages and practices. With our mindfulness cards you can not only strengthen your own inner balance, but also help others to overcome the stress of everyday life. Surprise with mindfulness cards of a special kind!

The inner journey in focus

The practice of mindfulness helps us to be in the here and now and appreciate the little joys in life. Our mindfulness cards are thoughtfully designed not only to convey inspirational messages, but also to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Each card is a small gift of mindfulness, inviting you to quiet your mind and be conscious of the moment. We understand that the mindfulness journey is a personal and unique experience. Our wide selection offers a variety of topics, from meditation to positive affirmations. Whether you're looking for a card for relaxation, self-care, or to encourage a mindful lifestyle, we have a deck of genuine mindfulness cards developed by a business psychologist. Our cards serve as an invitation to become mindful, to share mindfulness and to pass on positive energy. At a time when mindfulness is becoming more and more important, we give you a building block that supports you in mastering all life situations.

frequently asked Questions

What are mindfulness cards?

Mindfulness cards are small companions for moments of inner peace and mindfulness. They contain inspiring messages, exercises or images that invite you to consciously experience the moment. These cards are a simple and gentle way to give yourself moments of presence and self-care in your everyday life.

What promotes mindfulness?

Awareness is promoted through various exercises and techniques. This includes meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and conscious awareness of the senses. Mindfulness cards are a handy way to receive small doses of mindfulness on a daily basis. Likewise, moments of silence, letting go of thoughts and consciously slowing down the pace support the development of mindfulness.

How do I practice mindfulness?

The practice of mindfulness can be done in many ways. Start with simple breathing exercises that focus on your breath. Use mindfulness cards as inspiration for the day. Take time for short moments of silence, during which you consciously pay attention to your breath or your surroundings. Over time you will notice how these small exercises strengthen your mindfulness.