Digital Maps

Digital Maps

Discover our diverse digital cards for every occasion! From warm greeting cards to birthday wishes and special holiday greetings, we offer a wide range of digital cards that you can easily send online and share joy. Our digital cards are a quick and convenient way to convey your thoughts and wishes to your loved ones, wherever they are. With lovingly designed designs and personal messages, you can express your feelings in a touching way and put a smile on the recipient's face. Whether you want to spontaneously send someone a word of encouragement, send birthday greetings or just want to show that you're thinking of someone - our digital cards are the perfect solution. Find the right digital card now and share joy and love with your loved ones! Only at JoliCoon.

Digitale Karten personalisierbar

Digitale Karten

Digital Maps - A modern way of connecting

Digital cards for every occasion

Do you want to use modern ways to maintain connections? Discover our digital cards to send loving messages to friends and family. No matter where they are, let's touch hearts and share feelings with digital greeting cards. In an increasingly digital world, digital cards offer a modern and convenient way to convey warm greetings and good wishes. Our digital cards invite you to push the boundaries of distance and share your messages of joy, comfort or celebration with ease. With a digital card you can not only convey your thoughts, but also create an instant connection and share a message. Connect digitally with our JoliCoon digital scratch cards.

Sending digital cards made easy

The digital world allows us to design our cards with creativity and variety. Our digital maps are developed with attention to detail, not only to be visually appealing, but also to convey the messages and emotions in a special way. Each card is a marriage of modern cordiality that allows for the kind of exchange of wishes and greetings. We understand that every occasion is unique and deserves special greetings. Our wide selection of digital maps offers a wealth of designs, from interactive animations to stylish graphics. Whether you are looking for a card for a celebration, a thank you or a warm greeting - you will find what you are looking for with us. With a digital card you can not only convey your messages, but also feel that modern communication can have a creative and personal touch. Explore our selection of digital cards and find the perfect way to send greetings in the digital world. Your words become a smile that bridges the distance and brings joy.

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What are digital maps?

Instead of paper and ink, heartfelt messages, images and designs are delivered electronically. These modern cards make it possible to share greetings, congratulations and gratitude in a fast and environmentally friendly way, regardless of distance.

How to create a digital map?

Creating a digital map is easy. Follow these steps: choose a design, add your message. Once your card is ready, send it via email or share it via social media or a messenger service like Whatsapp or similar.

How does an e-card work?

An e-card is like a digital messenger that delivers warm greetings online. Only an internet connection is required. You choose a design, add your personal message. With one click, the recipient opens the card, can admire the design and start scratching, after which the message you wrote is revealed.