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Greeting cards for the special moments

Discover greeting cards for every occasion

When it comes to greeting cards, one quickly thinks of birthdays , but anniversaries or holidays such as Mother's Day and Father's Day are also suitable opportunities to surprise your loved ones with a personal greeting. But it goes much further with weddings , the birth of a baby , communion , baptism and many more are wonderful moments to congratulate those around you with loving greeting cards. Imagine how in today's dynamic world, where you can almost always be reached on mobile, our greeting cards make the difference for you to express your congratulations from the heart and in a very personal way. They give the recipient a special feeling of affection, attention and appreciation.

Greeting cards for every moment

Very briefly and to the point: We love paper and we would like to deliver exactly this passion to your home. For us, our greeting cards and the rest of our product portfolio are not just cards and a piece of paper, but an expression of joy, love and appreciation. From the optical aesthetics to the haptic feeling when touching our products, we express our individualistic style in our cards, which should bring this feeling to your loved ones at home. From any perspective, special occasions require special cards. Shop and experience now.

frequently asked Questions

What do you write on greeting cards?

You can write on the card with a pen of your choice. Depending on the occasion, it is up to you to take up the event and share your joy and congratulations. Encouragement, appreciation and the special shared experiences and milestones are universally suitable for including in your text. In addition, an outlook on further shared moments of happiness and fulfillment will help you to find a great ending for your card.

What makes our cards special?

With our high-quality paper and the partly handmade processes, the card shows that we simply love paper. We love paying attention to the details that make the difference between good and excellent. We would like to deliver the greeting cards to you with elegance for the important moments at home and even climate-neutral with us. Order now ;)

Are our cards suitable for mailing?

In principle, our cards are suitable for mailing, but we recommend using a suitable shipping envelope for our envelope due to the wax seal. Otherwise, franking and the possible falling off of the wax seal do not do justice to the envelope and the impression of the card.