We are JoliCoon

All of us at JoliCoon, a team of seven, love paper. At first it might seem a bit strange, crazy and unique, but we have tried to get others excited about this passion. What could be nicer than celebrating moments of happiness together! No matter for which area you are looking for cards or other wonderful gift ideas with that special something,
we in our manufactory have the right product for you. We have greeting cards for birth, birthday, good luck, get well wishes, scratch cards, milestone cards and maternity passport covers for pregnancy and much more in five different languages ​​to celebrate the special moments with your loved ones.

Founded to change!

Without a plan B in the bag and with the intention "Let's make things possible that nobody believes in" ... that's exactly how we brought Julia & Thomas JoliCoon to life.

All of us at JoliCoon want a dynamic team that works together towards one goal. We all pull together and are happy that we have found real friends at work who will go through thick and thin with us. And that's exactly what we want to transfer to our customers, because our customers' moments of happiness are what drives us.

Our vision

With our quality claim that only the very best is good enough, we want to offer our customers that special something every day that makes the difference between good and excellent - that was and is deeply anchored in every decision we make, it drives us every day and has of course also become our vision.

That's what makes us

And today exactly what you can admire in our shop comes together here. Unique products for unforgettable moments. We hold every card that leaves our shop in our own hands. We are always hungry for you to develop new products in individual designs - because at the end of the day your moments of happiness are our motivation.

Did you know that

we are carbon neutral?

Because nature belongs to us just as we belong to her, we have decided to act climate-neutrally as a company. So with all of our products, you choose completely climate-neutral products. We recorded the CO2 emissions of our family business and created a corporate carbon footprint: from heating and energy consumption to employee commutes, business trips and office supplies. We have also calculated the raw materials, packaging, logistics and disposal for our products. Wherever possible, we avoid and reduce these CO2 emissions. We offset all remaining CO2 emissions by supporting a climate protection project :

The Virunga hydroelectric power project in Congo/Africa

The hydroelectric power plant creates an alternative to kerosene and the trade in charcoal. In addition, this protects the forests and animals of the national park.

We write our fonts ourselves and use organic inks that are vegan , palm oil and cruelty free .

All this out of our conviction to inspire you!

Once a JoliCoon always a JoliCoon.