20th birthday card

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Beautiful greeting cards for personal birthday greetings

20 hugs, 20 kisses, 20 good wishes and a great special 20th birthday card. Because all the flowers wilt, the cake is eaten and the birthday feast has to end at some point. But greeting cards with personal wishes are for eternity. In our JoliCoon online shop, we have specialized in particularly high-quality cards that are beautiful and at the same time have a lot to offer in terms of quality. For example, discover our elegant 20th birthday card with a red envelope and wax seal. The folded card leaves plenty of room for personalization and the font is handwritten and hot foil stamped. There is also a beautiful dark red premium envelope that is finished with an elegant gold rim. Our 20th birthday card with a blue envelope and wax seal also cuts a fine figure for every 20th birthday. The scope of delivery includes an elegant wax seal with which you can seal the dark blue envelope perfectly. If you would like to donate a special bottle of sparkling wine to the card, you can stick an individual bottle label on it.

Climate neutral and sustainable birthday cards

Every generation enjoys congratulations in the form of a beautiful card, but a birthday card, especially for younger people, must not pose an additional burden on the environment. At the same time, a little gift with a funny saying or a loving greeting is a special reminder that you don't want to miss. With our JoliCoon items, you don't have to do without beautiful birthday cards because of the environment. Since we want to contribute to the preservation of nature, our maps are produced in Germany in a completely climate-neutral manner. For printing, we only use vegan organic printing inks, which are also completely free of palm oil and animal testing. In addition to the environment, the quality of our products is also very important to us. The appropriate paper is individually selected for each card and the majority of the designs are hand drawn and hot foil stamped. We work on a map with great passion and the highest quality standards until it simply cannot get any better. So you can make your loved one happy on their 20th birthday with a clear conscience.

frequently asked Questions

What is a good 20th birthday gift?

In addition to the birthday card, the right gift should not be missing. The perfect gift not only depends on the age, but also on the gender and character of the birthday child. A high-quality bottle of wine or sparkling wine with a special label, a nice book or a voucher for a great activity. No matter which item you choose in the end, the birthday child will definitely be happy about every kind gesture.

Why is the 20th birthday so special?

A round birthday is always something special, because many lifetime achievements are automatically assigned to the different decades. A decade ends and the round birthday marks the beginning of a new chapter in life. The 20th birthday in particular is special because it is the first round birthday in adulthood.

What do I write on the 20th birthday card?

There are many funny and heartfelt sayings for a 20th birthday on the Internet. But a birthday card makes you happy, especially when the words come from the heart. So it is best to write a short personal message for the birthday child that fits the individual person and their life situation. A creative slogan or a short rhyme are particularly well received. If you can't think of anything at all, you can use texts from the Internet as a guide and transform them a bit and personalize them.