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Greeting cards for the relaxed decade

60 years done so happily, they give strength for the following years. A milestone birthday is always a good reason to celebrate with friends and family. After all, only those who don't have fun and no longer recognize beauty grow old. And what goes better with that than a special card? With loving words and a beautiful birthday card you show your people how much they mean to you and make them happy. In our range you will find high-quality greeting cards for this special occasion. A real eye-catcher is our 60th Birthday Card Gray with envelope and wax seal. With a handwritten font and elegant hot foil embossing in rose gold, the card creates a wow effect. At the same time, the folding card offers you enough space for a personal message and many wishes. Our dark blue 60th birthday card with envelope and wax seal also creates enthusiasm with the elegant gold rim and special wax seal. Click through our selection and find your favourites.

60 Geburtstagskarte mit rotem Kuvert und Wachssiegel - JoliCoon

Warm gesture with sustainable birthday cards

At JoliCoon we love beautiful cards, warm words and funny sayings for birthdays or other special occasions. What we love less are the environmental impacts caused by production. We want you to be able to wish someone “Happy Birthday” with a sustainable and carbon neutral birthday card. Therefore, the items on our website all have one thing in common: they were produced in a climate-neutral manner. Our company has recorded all CO2 emissions and reduced them where possible. Where a restriction is no longer feasible, we support a climate protection project with our income to compensate. At the same time, we avoid long transport routes by having all cards printed in Germany. And that's not all! In addition, we exclusively use organic printing inks in production, which are vegan, palm oil-free and animal-free. So you can order the card of your choice without a guilty conscience and have it conveniently delivered to your home.

frequently asked Questions

How to write a 60th birthday card

Funny sayings, heartfelt texts and even little poems, there are many things that can be written on a birthday card. You can also find different formulations on many sites on the Internet. If you really want to write something special, it's best to think about it yourself. What makes this person special? What would you like to say to him? If you can't think of anything, use the templates as inspiration and add your own elements.

What makes the 60th birthday so special?

Every milestone birthday is something special. An old phase of life ends and a new one begins. At the age of 60 you have already achieved a lot in life and deserve recognition for your past life achievements. Many are also looking forward to their well-deserved retirement, which will not be many years away.

What alternatives are there to a greetings card?

If you are looking for alternatives to the typical birthday card or would like to give something more than “just a birthday card” for your 60th birthday, you have the option of decorating a good bottle of wine or sparkling wine with our individual bottle labels. You can also give your loved one a very special gift with a voucher you have designed yourself.