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Best man questions: An unforgettable memory

A lucky ticket for a great surprise

You definitely already have someone in mind or you spontaneously decided based on your gut feeling. Either way, you can't think of anyone better than your best friend or brother to fill the all-important job of best man. By asking "Would you like to be my best man?" you strengthen your friendship. The trust, affection and appreciation between you will grow and a very special connection will develop. To make this moment an unforgettable surprise, we have special products for you. Discover our scratch cards that you can use to ask your groomsman. It doesn't matter whether it's a message of good luck, lucky ticket or a noble card - with the scratch cards from JoliCoon you are guaranteed to experience a successful surprise.

Best Man Ask: Personal Gift Ideas

Do you want to celebrate your groomsmen appropriately after the question? We have other great ideas for an unforgettable evening. Shop our bottle labels to make real keepsakes of Prosecco or wine bottles. Also practical, you can drink them together right away. Or how about our hand-engraved wooden discs? These high-quality and sustainable groomsmen gifts are a particularly stylish way to ask your future groomsmen. The premium envelope contains a wooden disc engraved with the question "Would you like to be my best man?" as well as a high-quality card with the saying "I can't say YES without you". Personalize the best man gift with kind words on the back or a photo together and create a special memory for your best man of this moment. As a fitting side effect, these gifts create a reminder to present around the home.

frequently asked Questions

What is the best way to ask the groomsman?

After you've made the decision on who will be your best man, you can ask your best friend in style and elegance with our scratch cards, our cards or our new best man gift. You may find the right words on the back of the card to personalize it. The special moments of your experiences may serve here. Pick them up and let your friend know how much you appreciate them. Choose a suitable time and the surprise can succeed.

What tasks are given to the witnesses?

As a best man, your best friend will primarily take on the task of supporting you and your husband or wife in organizing the wedding. He will plan the joint adventure with you and maybe also have one or two subtleties up his sleeve for you. For example, wedding games, where you can embarrass yourself on your big day, are very popular. If you don't want this, talk to him about it.

What insider tips do we have for you?

The day when you and your husband or wife say yes to each other will be remembered for a long time. So choose a groomsman! Even if you're not entirely sure or maybe even doubt that you're hurting other of your friends because you didn't choose them, in the end choosing your groomsman remains a win-win situation. With your best man you not only gain an open ear who coordinates the invitation list, the choice of table, the choice of location and much more with you, but above all someone with whom you build an emotional connection and who certainly understand you in almost every situation. You'll be immensely grateful to your groomsmen on your big day, I promise.