scratch cards

scratch cards

Scratch cards are a wonderful way to surprise your loved ones. The anticipation and excitement of scratching make the gift something very special. Show your creativity and loving attention by ordering Jolicoon's original scratch cards, which come from the heart and are sure to put a smile on your face!

scratch cards

scratch cards

Scratch surprise - Discover our scratch cards

Scratch for real joy

Ready for an exciting surprise? Discover our fascinating scratch cards. Create a unique experience where you generate excitement and anticipation. Discover our scratch cards now and give away real excitement and joy! Scratch off and let the magic of our scratch cards enchant you! Look forward to unexpected prizes, secret messages and magical surprises. Scratch cards are an exciting and interactive way to create surprises and create anticipation among recipients. Our creative scratch cards invite you to reveal secrets and playfully present messages, coupons or announcements. With our diverse designs you can not only create excitement, but also create unforgettable moments that will be remembered.

The original - scratch cards from JoliCoon

The mystery of scratching makes surprises even more exciting. Our scratch cards are designed with attention to detail, not only to arouse curiosity but also to present a pleasant surprise. Each scratch card is designed to share joy as you playfully spread the message. We understand that every occasion is unique and deserves special surprises. Whether you are looking for scratch cards for invitations, vouchers or special announcements - we have the scratch card that emphasizes the mysterious and exciting. Your scratch card will become an indispensable part of the celebrations and a reminder of how little secrets can bring great joy.

frequently asked Questions

How do you scratch a scratch card?

To unlock a scratch card, you need a coin or other flat object with rounded edges. Hold the scratch card and scratch the coin carefully over the scratch area. You can slowly remove the scratch off layer until the underlying content becomes visible, eg a winning number or a message.

How big is a scratch card?

The scratch card size for all our cards is A6.

What is a scratch card?

A scratch card, also known as a scratch card or scratch card, is a special type of greeting or gift card that has a hidden layer of scratch-off paint or scratch-off foil. This layer can be gently rubbed off to reveal the contents underneath. Scratch cards are often used for surprises, vouchers, congratulations or sweepstakes. The recipient of the card has to remove the scratch-off layer to find out what's underneath. The use of scratch cards allows for an interactive and fun way of revealing that sparks curiosity and adds a playful touch. Scratch cards come in different sizes, shapes and designs and can be customized for different occasions, be it birthdays, holidays, weddings, baby showers, invitations or any other special event. Scratch cards are an original way to convey a message or surprise in a fun way and add a unique touch.