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You've probably had someone in mind for a long time or maybe you made the decision spontaneously based on your feelings. Regardless, you can't think of anyone better for the godmother job than your chosen person. Through the mutual friendship, your child will also gain a new family member who will stand behind them with the greatest trust, affection and appreciation. The godmother will create a very special bond with your child. She will discuss many challenges with her godchild and will always be there to help and advise. To celebrate this moment extensively, discover our godmother ask scratch cards now to make a real surprise out of it. Whether as a message of good luck, as a lucky ticket or as a lottery jackpot scratch card to really fool your dearest godmother. Our scratch cards make promotion unbeatable.


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Would you like to celebrate the godmother surprise appropriately afterwards? We also have another great way to sweeten your evening. Discover our bottle labels now: Do you want to be my godmother? for Prosecco or wine bottles Brand new to the range, you can ask the godmother with our engraved wooden discs - a particularly high-quality and sustainable gift. In the style of JoliCoon, we have designed a small godmother gift for you, consisting of a premium natural envelope that can be folded in two with a correspondingly high-quality greeting card and the engraved wooden disc. You are giving away a real memento for the display cabinet. Shop now.

frequently asked Questions

What is the best way to ask the godmother?

As already mentioned, we have great surprises for you. As a couple, you can come to an agreement and reach a joint result. Maybe you also want your best friends to share the office of godmother and godfather, you can do that according to your wishes and ideas. Choose a suitable time and the surprise can succeed.

Which tasks are given to the godmother?

As a godmother, your favorite person will mainly take over the area to support you and your child. She will stand by you in ups and downs and experience shared adventures with you, the child and maybe even with your whole family. Above all, the godmother should serve your child as a third emotional pillar when difficulties have to be overcome. In love, affection and trust, the godmother takes on the role of strength in good times and bad.

What insider tips do we have for you?

Give your child a godmother! Not only will the moment of the announcement stay with you for a long time, but the caring nature of a godmother that your child will enjoy can only influence your child positively. Mastering challenges and enjoying life to the fullest are moments that should not be lacking in anyone. In addition to you and your partner, the godmother can above all take on the part by having an outside ear that listens to your child if they don't want to talk to their own parents. At the end of the day, this aspect helps all family members to work together and develop positively in every sense.