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The bridesmaids ask: That's how it works

Unlucky for a real surprise

You probably have everything in your head for a long time or you made the decision spontaneously based on your feelings. Regardless, you can't think of anyone better than your chosen bridesmaids. By asking “Will you be my bridesmaid?” your friendship will grow stronger. Your trust, affection and appreciation will grow with that trust and you will build mutual anticipation leading up to the wedding. To make this moment a real surprise, discover our bridesmaid ask scratch cards now. Whether as a message of good luck, as a lucky ticket or as a wonderfully elegant card - with JoliCoon you are guaranteed to be surprised.

A bottle of wine or our engraved wooden slices

Would you like to celebrate the bridesmaid surprise appropriately afterwards? We also have another great idea for this to sweeten you and the girls' evening. Discover our bottle labels now: Will you be my bridesmaid? for Prosecco or wine bottles Brand new to the range, you can ask your future bridesmaids with our engraved wooden discs - a particularly high-quality and sustainable gift. In the style of JoliCoon, we have designed a small bridesmaid gift for you: When you open the premium envelope, the wooden disc comes with the engraved question "Would you like to be my bridesmaid?" to appear. In addition, there is a high-quality card in an extra compartment with the wonderful saying "Without you I can't say YES". Write a few kind words on the back or stick a photo of the two of you to make it even more personal. You not only give the gift to the bridesmaid, you also create a special souvenir for the display cabinet or an accessory for the apartment.

frequently asked Questions

What is the best way to ask the bridesmaid?

After you have decided who your bridesmaids will be, you can ask your girlfriends in style with our scratch cards, our beautiful cards or our new bridesmaid gift. You may find suitable words on the back of the card to personalize the cards. The special moments of your mutual friendship serve you here. Pick them up and let your girlfriend know how much you appreciate her. Choose a suitable time and the surprise can succeed.

What duties are given to the bridesmaids?

As bridesmaids, your best friends mainly take on the task of supporting you and your husband or wife in organizing the wedding. They will plan the adventure together with you and maybe even have one or the other party game up their sleeve. If you don't want this, talk to her about it.

What insider tips do we have for you?

The day when you and your sweetheart tie the knot will be remembered for a long time. So choose a bridesmaid early enough! Even if you are not quite sure or maybe you have doubts, in the end it remains a win-win situation to choose your bridesmaids. You and your bridesmaids not only win an unforgettable bachelor party that will stay in your memory forever, but also an amazing team for a great wedding day. You'll be immensely grateful to your bridesmaids on your big day, I promise.