wedding card

wedding card

Love is in the air and you've already received your friends and family's wedding invitations? A wedding celebration stands for a new chapter, for trust, love and attachment, two people embark on a common life path. With our wedding greeting cards, wish the married couple the necessary happiness, the harmony, the love that should accompany them on their life path. In the style of a special wedding you will find wedding cards for the special moments with us. Discover now.

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The special wedding cards

Wedding greeting cards

Our wedding cards are just the thing if you want to give away a simple but classy wedding card. For the love of uniqueness, our font is handwritten and rose gold hot-foil stamped, printed on 350g design paper and there is a refined premium envelope with a real wax seal. A wedding is a special moment from every perspective and we have tried to express our love for paper in our wedding cards.

Our promise of quality

In today's wild world, it's easy to be tempted to overlook the small but crucial details. That's exactly where we started and with our wedding greeting cards we tried to make our wedding cards something special with the small details. In addition to our simple but elegant wedding cards, the real wax seal and our premium envelopes with a paper thickness of 250g make handing over the congratulations something really special. Insider tip: Several cards will be presented to the bridal couple on this day, let the others look old with our cards for the wedding ;)

frequently asked Questions

What to write on a wedding card

A wedding is a significant event filled with joy, love and hope. It's about celebrating, laughing and looking to the future together full of happiness. In addition to congratulations, give the newlyweds a dose of hope, understanding, support and possibly useful advice that they may need on their new journey. Wedding sayings should stand for living together, for a connection between friends and family. They should encourage the bridal couple and maybe create one or the other useful reminder for them that will accompany them in the future. Finally, don't forget to include a sentence or two about thanking you for being a part of the bride and groom's lives. Because unforgettable moments only become unforgettable when you share them.

What makes our cards special?

With our high-quality paper and the partly handmade processes, the card shows that we simply love paper. We love paying attention to the details that make the difference between good and excellent. We would like to deliver the elegance for the special moments to you and the bridal couple at home and even climate-neutral with us. Order now ;)

Are our cards suitable for mailing?

In principle, our cards are suitable for mailing, but we recommend using a suitable standard envelope over our envelope due to the wax seal. Otherwise, franking and the possible falling off of the wax seal do not do justice to the envelope and the impression of the card.